Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A brand new hobby...

I have been following CJ's blog for some time now, but I was a "stalker" never commenting only reading. Now my mom created her own blog; Happy Nest (http://wwwhappynest.blogspot.com/). With them both having blogs I figured that the next logical step would be for me to have my own. I have been stitching for almost three years. My mom tried to get me into stitching when I was around 10 but we lived overseas and the selection was limited (ebay and internet ordering wasnt really around yet..) and I never found anything that I was interested in stitching. So my stitching career was put on hold until my mom found out about a cross stitch store that did a monthly stitch in. She didn't want to go alone, and offered to buy me the stuff to do my first project if I would go with her. I was hooked, and my mom's funding didnt stop there. My mom still frequently supports my cross stitch habit, being a recent college grad, even a married one doesn't leave much money for hobbies. I thought for my first blog I would show some of my previous stitches. All the ones on here on unfinished and just floating around my house for frames or pillows to be made. I have done a project for each of my parents that are framed and hanging at their house. My dad's was a OU stitch, and my mom's and set of 4 aprons.

This project was my first, it was a four piece series in the magazine Just CrossStitch. I have the supplies to complete the other 3 of the seriers I just have not got around to it.

This project I did alter the pattern quite a bit. Originally it had two white dogs in place of the black doxies. I love anything and everything that has dachshunds on it. I decided that I could change it to suit my taste just a little bit. I love the way that it turned out. Just a side note I did take the picture sideways the button in the center is supposed to be a D.

These 3 are all from the Mill Hill Wild Life collection. I chose these three because my daughter's nursery is done in a jungle theme. I started these right when they came out and finished the first one in April. I just finished the third this weekend. On the bottom of each animal is either the first, middle, or last name of my daughter but I folded the fabric up for obvious reasons. I did backstitch her name in the dark rose thread that all three patterns had in it. I was very proud of myself when I was done with her name because I had to design the letters myself.

This is my most recent finish it is a little apple pin from Mill Hill, it didn't take very long but I love it. (The picture is a little bit blurry sorry) I chose the apple because my degree is in Education, so I am looking for a job to be a teacher.

These two are my current projects. The one on the left I am stitching for my mom it is a JBW called Alphabet Pumpkin. My mom is obsessed with pumpkins, and I loved the colors so I said I would stitch it for her. The one on the right is the little house needleworks pattern yesteryear that I am making for my mother in law. My first blog was a long one but I figured it showed a history of my sticthing. Until next time Happy Stitching.